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Ocean Gummies (18 packs)

Ocean Gummies (18 packs) Zoom

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$18.99 for 1 box
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smiling sunSummer is coming and it's getting hotter! And this item is Temperature Sensitive, which means that it requires special shipping to guarantee it arrives to you in good condition.


Learn more at our meltable products FAQ

At Bulk Candy Store, we know how important it is that your product arrives safely and in good condition. We would love it if you could all just come pick up your items, however that is just not possible. That's why we've developed a warm weather guarantee. Most online candy stores will not guarantee meltable products, but we will - if you follow our warm weather policies and your items arrive melted we'll ask you to send us a photo and we will resend you the product. Here are the guidelines:

  • All of items that are meltable should all have a clear temperature sensitivity statement on their pages, so you know what you're getting into (if you see one we missed, please let us know!).

  • If you add a meltable item to your cart, we automatically add a charge to cover the cost of special packing materials and ice packs. If you remove this from your cart, we cannot guarantee your product will arrive safely.

  • During really hot times of the year, when you check out, FedEx 2 Day will automatically be chosen. If you switch to a slower or non-guaranteed shipping option (such as FedEx Home Delivery/Ground or USPS Priority Mail), we cannot guarantee your product will arrive safely.

  • You must ship to an address where someone can receive the delivery immediately (you cannot blame us if something sits on your porch for 8 hours!) Again, If you follow these guidelines, we will guarantee your meltable products arrive safely.

We understand that this is an extra cost for you; however, rest assured that this is not a profit center for us. The fact is that ice packs can only go so far!

If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us at: or phone us during regular business hours ( 9-5/ M-F /EST) at 561-540-1600.

These are really nice and big, as well as wonderfully detailed gummy sea creatures! Featuring a fantastic blend of gummi colors and flavors, you get 6 different shapes, including Sharks, Manta Rays, Jellyfish, Dolphins, Sea horses, and Octopi!

The dolphins have a small red gummi ball, and the sharks have a little red fish to eat!

Everyone will want to know where you got them, and you can tell them at, silly!

Ocean gummies are about 3 inches tall. You get 18 (4 count) packs in the box! Enjoy!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Packaging Size 1 box
Candy Type Other Gummi Candy
Occasion Birthday Candy, Tropical Candy
Size Large
Brand Vidal candies


Glucose syrup, sugar, gelling agent: gelatine, pectin, humectant: sorbitol syrup, modified Karrtoffelstärke, citric acid, flavors, vegetable concentrate, lemon, safflower, carrot, black currant, radish, colors: E100, E120, E133