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Bulk Lollipops

This is the place to buy your favorite bulk lollipops. Dum Dums, Chupa Chups, Blow Pops and good old Tootsie Pops. We even have Tootsie pops by color! Looking for little lollipops? They're here too!

Swirl Lollipops

Liven up your next party with these gorgeous lollies! Available in a wide selection of colors, such as rainbow swirl pops, pink, blue, yellow, red, green - you name it! Swirl pops work great at many different events! Use them as a table centerpiece, part of a candy buffet table, and as favors for your guests. They'll really appreciate your good taste in candy!

Twist-Up Lollipops

Some call them round up lollipops, others call them unicorn pops. We call them twist up lollipops, because that's what they do - Twist Up! Available in different sizes and in a wide variety of colors, these swirl lollipops are perfect to put on display at any event or for just plain enjoying!

Novelty Lollipops

Novelty lollipops available in so many shapes, sizes and themes! Check out our wonderful marshmallow pops and jell pops in popular cartoon shapes! Hard candy baby feet pops, heart pops, flower pops, cupcake and ice cream shaped pops, and more!