World’s Largest Gummi Bear Giveaway!


As many of you know, we recently picked up a new line of Giant Gummi Bears. The Giant Gummi Bears (available alone or on a stick) weigh in a big 1/2 lb and
are 4 inches tall. That makes it about 90 times larger than a regular gummi
bear. But wait, that’s the little guy. The World’s Largest Gummi Bear weighs
in at 5 pounds! Each one is 5.5″ wide, 3.5″ deep and 9″
tall – the equivalent of 1400 regular sized gummy bears! All I can say
is – that is one Huge Bear!

We’re so excited about these guys that we’re giving one away! All you have to do to enter is comment on this post answering the question “What would you do with a 5 pound gummi bear?” The person who gives us the best
answer, gets a free World’s Largest Gummi Bear. We will also award a Giant
Gummi Bear to each ofΒ the next two best answers. The contest will end on Saturday, Nov 29, 2009

The only rule is no obscene, adult or pornographic answers – any
comments of that nature will be removed immediately and will be disqualified.


98 thoughts on “World’s Largest Gummi Bear Giveaway!

  1. Sara

    I’d give it to my brother for Christmas. He’s in the military and coming home for the Holidays. He loves gummies! A 5lb gummy bear would definitely be something for him to talk about when he goes back – not to mention to enjoy while he’s home πŸ™‚

  2. Debbie

    What would I do with a 5 pound gummi bear? First I’d take a picture of me with the gummi, then I’d share it with my 2 year old granddaughter who LOVES gummi bears!
    Better yet, I’d give it to her for Christmas and enjoy watching her eat it.

  3. Theresa

    I would pipe a cute holiday outfit on the bear using a piping bag and frosting, sit the bear on a platter, and make my bear the centerpiece to my dessert table!

  4. Dawn Catling

    I would give it to our JrROTC unit to raffle it off to raise monies for military personnel in our community. I saw firsthand the difficulties the veteran’s have when my son came home disabled. I think this would make a wonderful fundraiser!!

  5. Susan

    Wow! We are always looking for creative ways to raise money here at work for Toys of Tots. If my Gummi Bear was delivered before the holidays, we could sell chances here at work to raise money to buy toys. WHO wouldn’t LOVE a giant gummi bear for their children or grandkids? This way it would make a lot of kids happy. Those that get to eat it…. and those that have toys because of it!

  6. Jaynee Germond

    My wonderful husband loves gummies and wants this so bad, but I can not afford to buy one. I would give this to my husband for Christmas!

  7. Carol Gibson

    I would get one of those baby bjorn carriers and tuck my new little friend right in. Then, all day long I could take little bites off his head. Mmmmm, delicious AND adorable.

  8. Sarah Hunter

    I would serve it to my family of 5 for Christmas dinner. It might not be healthy, but it would make for great memories!

  9. Kathleen Clark

    I’d have to say that I’d bring that big ‘ole bear to my children’s school (with the principal’s permission, of course!) and take photos of all of their classmates clamoring for a clawful of the colossal confection! What a treat that’d be!

  10. Christina

    If I would win the gummy bear I would bring it to my mother’s workplace which is a mentally handicapped facility and share it with her students. They would be so excited to see such a large and cool gummy. This will be a holiday treat that all of them can share together and enjoy.

  11. Jennifer Bain

    I have several great nieces and nephews that would love to help me eat Mr. Gummi Bear. They also happen to be my husbands favorite candy. I would invite nieces and nephews to my house and the guest of honor will be Mr. Gummi Bear. Of course HE will be eaten.

  12. Kevin

    Being a Gummyholic myself this bear would be in for one heck of treat. First I would accessorize him with sum gummy glasses a gummy watch and gummy shoes if they make those too. Then I would fix him a gummy burger with gummy ketchup "yes they make it and its nasty as it sounds" and fill the the burger with little gummy bears as a sacrifice from the gummy worms who are the arch rivals of the bears. He may even devour those darn little sour patch kids. In the meantime Im enjoying this while eating on some craby patty gummies.

  13. Tim

    I would take the 5lb Gummy Bear and knowing that one 5lb Gummy bear is equal to 1400 regular size gummy I would take a piece off for each person I would encounter on a daily basis and give them a piece for friendship, cheering up and most of all – so when it was gone I could order another!

  14. Carole Lewis

    Oh My Gosh! I guess I’d have to SHARE the BEAR… there are so many Gummi Bear fans in our family, I don’t think I could find a place big enough to hide it. So. With four Children . seven Grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren, and one Big Baby Husband, it would dissapear in a wink. Gone Gummi!

  15. carol

    my neighbor and his wife both just lost there jobs him after 13 years on the job., he loves gummi bears! i would take it to him and let him enjoy every bite by hisself! if he wanted to share fine if not thats fine too. but he needs something to cheer him up as hes figuring out how to take care of 4 kids without a job. i will make him stand on his boat and take a picture as his catch of the day!

  16. John Jones

    I would use fishing line and a needle to string them together and hang them on my christmas tree, just like popcorn! The twinkle from the christmas lights would add a neat glow to any room! Who needs colored lights? Use white ones and the light will shine through the gummi bears!



  18. Cheri Everly

    I was just coming on line to purchase a Giant Gummi, bear. If I won a Giant Gummi bear, I would buy more for each of my grandchildren, and put a gift card or cash gift with it for their gift. Can you see how big their smiles would be?

  19. William Marton

    We have Christmas at my daughters house and I think after my 8 grand children are done opening all their Gifts and with the cameras going to see the look on their faces I would bring out this Gaint Bear and tell them to have at it I think the kids would love it.

  20. Georganne

    I would give it to my little boy for his new best friend. We just moved and he is missing all of his old friends. He could dress it up, and take it on the slides or push it in the swing. They could both sit in the stroller together…and if the walk turned out to be too long, he could really find out what his new friend was made of.

  21. melissa banta

    I would give the gummy bear to my 6 year old and let him wrap it up for a dirty santa gift. He would really want it for himself, but I think he would enjoy it more having the coolest gift that everyone wants!

  22. Deborah

    I would use it as a centerpiece for a party.. would decorate it according to what the season was or what the party was for.. like for a childs b’day party.. or for Christmas.. etc.. Could stick smaller gummy bears on a stick in its hands.. & decorate around it.. then let the guest take a piece w/them.

  23. Jessica

    Although I’d love to keep the gummy bear all for myself and nibble away at him through the long winter, I would give him to my sister who is an NYPD officer. Her entire unit is gummy obsesed, ording 5lb bags at a time. The members of the NYPD have one of the hardest jobs and are grossly underpaid. Although the world’s biggest gummy won’t add to their pay checks or protect then on the streets it will make their jobs a little sweeter. Maybe the gummy could even take a ride in a patrol car or get his mug shot taken (fingerprinting him might get a little sticky).

  24. Laura

    As a fifth grade teacher who is working on a volume unit, this would be a exciting, motivating way to help my students look at an irregular shaped, 3-D object and calculate volume! We could expand idea to calculate the number of "regular" gummi bears that would be contained inside. Then, as the final bonus, we would celebrate our achievement by having a gummi snack! Hurray for learning and treats!

  25. Karin

    I would take my lovely giant gummy bear to work with me to show the crew. I work in law enforcement and the guys I work with think that I am totally gummy obsessed and they would never believe it unless they saw it. I would probably then offer to share my giant gummy bear with my crew (all the while hoping they would say no). Then I would eat the gummy bear….Of Course!

  26. jsnod

    I teach special education and I would use it for a super math lesson. We could measure it, weigh it, compare it to other weights. We could also learn volume. I would continue to teach fractions and we would cut it up and share it with all the special students in our unit. There are 14 of us! It would be a learning experience and treat in one!

  27. Taphne

    I would add it to the scenery of Virginia’s largest gingerbread house here in Independence, VA. The house is a 4.5′ tall x 4′ long x 3′ wide wooden frame totally covered in edible candies, cookies and gingerbread, all glued on with royal icing. The giant gingerbread house would be perfect for the giant gummy bear. (He has many little brothers and sisters creating the stain glass windows.) The house is part of the Christmas decor at the Davis-Bourne Inn including 17 trees with a breast cancer (pink) fundraiser tree and a can-can tree built from canned goods to be donated to the local food banks. This weekend we will have photos up on the website of the decor including the giant gingerbread house awaiting it’s giant gummy bear.

  28. Heartattackmack

    I would take my candy bear to the fair, and show it off to everyone else. I would ride rides with it and walk around. Then when I go home I eat it because it is better than everything else at the fair.

  29. Buffy Bear

    He would be the centerpiece of my Christmas dinner. And then, just like when I was a kid with my Christmas candy, I would try to see how long I could make him last, bite by bite! If he was a blue raspberry-flavored bear, though, I think he would go rather quickly. And then I’d buy more!

  30. frank schaefer


  31. RJ Gilcreest

    I will give The World’s Largest Gummy Bear a Santa hat and let it ride the train around my shop. I will give it away in a drawing a few days before Christmas! I gave one away a month ago and people were really excited about it!!! ( I opened the package it came in while the UPS delivery person was still here. When I lifted it out of the box. the Bears head tilted back a little and the UPS driver jumped about 3 feet… she thought it was alive!)

  32. hermit58

    I would raffle the Gummi Bear off, and donate all the proceeds to our local Boys & Girls Club, where our kids are safe and taught good values.

  33. Lou

    All I could say is I would have a Gummi Yummi Giant Bear party and eat it till it was all gone and live Happly Ever After. Gummi’s Rule !!! Especially a Giant One.
    PS I dream of GUMMI

  34. Steve Atchley

    I would give the Gummi Bear to my dearest friend Aimee. She has battled and overcome brain cancer this year and is the greatest inspiration I can imagine. She puts everyone else before herself, manages the daily operation of a major unit of the Medical College of Georgia, and gets everything she can out of each and every day. Her kids love and adore her. Her friends admire her. And, I consider myself blessed to know her and have her as a part of my life. This bear would be a fantastic way of allowing me to say to her how sweet I think she really is.

  35. Evy Davis

    I am a huge gummy – a – holic, and while I would thruthfully LOVE to have it as part of my family’s holiday celebration (my kids love gummies too!), I would donate it to my sister-in -law, who teaches 1st graders in an inner city school. I’ll bet they would love to have something unusual at their school holiday parties!


    Option #1
    OH MY GUMMI HEAVEN! First, I would take many pictures of Mr. Gummi and post him on my website for my clients events as an option for future purchases. He can be part of wedding centerpieces, showers, birthday parties, and other special celebrations. THEN, I would have a very large appreciation party for close family, friends & neighbors while promoting Mr. Gummi as we all eat every last little piece of him! mmmmmmm good! Goodbye Mr. Gummi…….. Until we meet again!

    Ps….. what I really want to do is drop him out of my office window (in a secure area of course) and see how high he will bounce……. but of course option #1 is what will happen while I dream of option # 2 πŸ™‚ Curiosity….. what can I say??? :/

  37. Ben

    ]Hmmmm, what would i do with a giant gummi bear? So many choices! My guess is that i would dress him up. Not with clothes, but with food! I’d use a variety of sugary sweets to make him a suit. I’d make a edible bow tie out of fondant (a cream confection used for baking.) I’d make him a coat with M&M’s for buttons! Then I’d serve him at Christmas!!

  38. Hannah

    I would pretend that I was in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. All you need is the lick-able wallpaper to make my dream come true…

  39. Rachael McGuire

    First I would dance with it, then I would take it on a car ride, after that we would go bowling and to the mall, then to complete the day we would go to dinner then have a very gummy dessert. Mmmmmmm!!

  40. Betty

    I have a new Grandbaby I would love to give it to. He couldn’t eat it, but we sure could get some good pictures of the two together. Then we could take pictures of his parents eating it to show him when he’s older.

  41. Ryan T

    I would make a giant ice cream sundae and put the gummie bear right on top! Then I would share it with my Uncle Pete who loves gummie bears.

  42. Julie A.

    I would take my Gummi Bear to a nice but casual dinner, of course I would order for both of us. After dinner I would take Gummi to a movie (my choice, I’m thinking New Moon). We would get there early to get really good seats and a soda to share. After the movie trailers, when the lights dim, I would slowly lean over and . . .BITE into his sweet gummi neck! Hey, what’s a movie without a good movie snack?

  43. Jordan S.

    what would I do with my 5 pound Gummi?
    I’m glad you asked.
    I would shoot a movie, WHEN GUMMIES ATTACK!, and post it on Youtube, and give the credit to, the wonderfuly amazing, Bulk Candy Store:)
    Next on the list, would be a romantic gettaway for me and the bear, you see I’m a candy addict and we would deffinatley have fun, like a drive in movie or something like that.
    And next, I would share it with my whole family. πŸ™‚
    I also would make a photo shoot with it.
    Also, and take it to school for show and tell in Mrs. Jacksons Class.

    I hope you like my answer, I would deefinatly enjoy a giant gummi bear this Holiday
    season, but if not, thank your for the fun, I enjoyed thinking about it.

    I love you all at the Bulk Candy Store,

    & I wish you and your familys a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas,

    Yours truly, Jordan S.

  44. Ann

    I would give it to my son’s girlfriend for Christmas. She absolutely loves gummi bears & I’d love to see the look on her face when she opened that gift.

  45. Nabilah Mohammed

    If I had a 5 lb gummy bear, I would have a party in his honor, after all, he IS the biggest gummy bear in the world and totally deserves all the attention.
    I would invite all my friends to bring along their cameras, to capture a special shot with this WORLD RECORD holding bear.

    at the end of the party, we would then sing Kum ba ya and proceed to disect him, and enjoy all his sugary goodness.

  46. barbara elmore

    if i were to win i would show it to everyone i come in touch with and tell them how great the BULK CANDY STORE is as i at times order all my candy needs from them, the prices are the best and the variety is FABULOUS!!! and then i would give some to everybody that wants to try it!! with my LOGO, A BIG YUMMY GUMMY FOR YOUR SWEET TOOTH-N-TUMMY!!! that would make anyones day BRIGHT!! and thats what i love to do…and like i said variety is the spice of life so see they even carry MR GUMMI no one else does.. The senior citizens and our geriatric patients will LOVE MR GUMMI!!! AWE what a sweet thought to see their faces!!!

  47. Julie Lowe

    I would love to win a gigantic gummy bear.I have loved gummies forever and not only that my birthdays coming up so this would be so great.Who doesnt love a gummy right!

  48. Kelly

    If I won the Gummy Bear I would give it to my 10 year old son for Christmas. Both my husband and I lost our jobs, (I worked in the Construction Industry and he worked for General Motors.) so we can not provide him with any sort of Christmas this year. Gummy Bears is his all time favorite candy and he usually gets some in his stocking every year.,

  49. Ken Canova

    There is a foster care childrens home not too far from where I live. During this time of year it can be tough on a kid. I would love to win this so that I can take it to them to enjoy for the holidays.

  50. Shauna

    I would love to win the gigantic gummi bear. I would give it to my daughter-in-law for Christmas. My son is in the Air Force serving our country and she loves him and supports him and takes care of our beautiful grandson. They are stationed about 1200 miles from all family and the holidays are a very hard time to be away from family. Please make her day – she absolutely loves Gummi Bears – they are her favorite candy!!!

  51. Florence Ables

    If I were to win this HUGE Gummy Bear I would send it to my troop that I support in Afghanistan. They LOVE the gummy bears, and this one would sure bring some smiles to their faces. One the size and 2, they would all for sure get to have gummy bear LOL


  52. Kyla

    If I won my Gummi Bear I would decorate it and auction it off with the proceeds going to a great cause "Heifer Interenational" a group that provides animals to third world families for food and business.

  53. Rainia McWhirter

    I would have it for dessert for our hoilday gathering. I would feed more than enough of my family, we all love Gummy Bears, my great-grand mother is 97 and she would love to have a piece of it to give to all the generations that a living (6) grnerations, what a blessing, and all generaltions love gummy bears!!!!

  54. Judy Stephenson

    If I had that awesome gummy bear I would give it to my gummy bear nephew. He has a gummy bear addiction – oh my, he even looks like a gummy bear!! πŸ˜€
    It would thrill his jiggly little belly!

  55. Kathy S.

    I would send it to my 23 year old daughter. She has been a huge gummy bear – aholic since she was little. She just got results from her doctor that she is indeed cancer free and I think sharing this with her husband and her three daughters (ages 4,3, and 4 months) would be an awesome way to celebrate.

  56. Megan C.

    I would definitely give the bear to my 8-year-old stepdaughter and hope that she would not only enjoy it, but make up a lovely song about her new gummi friend.

  57. Katharina Nickell

    If I won the giant gummi I would give it as a suprise to my three beautiful children on Christmas morning. Their father, my wonderful husband has been away deployed to Afghanistan. They have had a hard time with out him and they really feel the absence of him during holidays. It would brighten their Christmas. ~Kat Nickell proud wife of SGT Daniel Nickell US Army Infantry

  58. Keenan

    "If I won the 5 pound gummy bear, he would be my new best friend! Wow! That would be the greatest! I would take him to school, to the park and even let him sleep in my bed at night! He would be my bestest friend… until I ate him!"

    * This is what my 4 year old grandson has said, I just typed it for him!

  59. Andrea Hale

    Our food banks are always in need of donations so I would hold a food drive contest at our Burnet High School or one of our schools and give the class that wins the hugh gummi bear.

  60. Whitnie Farrow

    I would slice up my 5 pound gummi bear and serve it as dessert after our Christmas dinner. AND I’d even leave a piece for Santa, too.

  61. susan

    I would talk to my sons teachers about having the classes read Gillivers Travels. Then we would set up a table in the back and make lilliputians (little gummys) and tie him down with shoestring licorice to reenact his capture, and make other scenery. I think it would be a fun project for the kids then they can have the classes have a party afterwards and eat him.

  62. susan sheppard

    I would donate to my church that runs an orphanage in Mexico. I would ask the pastor to bring it to the children there and let them indulge in some of the deliciousness that we in the US are fortunate enough to have.

  63. Charah C.

    I don’t have a touching or sob story to share with what I would do with a 5lb Gummy Bear- but I have a fun one!

    I am taking a trip to New Zealand and Australia in spring and I would take my Jumbo Gummy with me. I’d get a photo of him playing a didgeridoo, in front of the Sydney opera house, at the Great Barrier reef- anywhere in the country I went. I would send photos to Bulk Candy and let them use them as they like as a testament that you are never too old to have fun, explore the world, or act like a kid!

    When I arrive back home to the States I will reward myself after I achieve my goal of running my first marathon. That Jumbo Gummy Bear will taste even sweeter after crossing that finish line!

  64. Carole

    It is a great item to raffle off for the volunteer fire department so that they can purchase the necessary scott packs (breathing devices) for animals that were rescued from fires.

  65. Robert

    I would love to share it with all the children in the cancer hospital…If I could let them see it then melt it down into small bears and distribute it to all the children…

  66. Lesa B

    I would dress that giant gummy bear in an elf costume to watch over the gifts till Christmas. Then we would eat him on Christmas morning after we opened all our gifts!!

  67. Candace Stanley

    I would first take a picture of the gummy bear giving me a kiss, and then I would wrap it up and lay it in my mom’s bed under the covers around four a.m. Christmas morning. She would roll over thinking there was some strange person in her bed, only to be surprised by a giant gummy bear! She has been through a lot this year and deserves a great laugh and an even greater surprise.

    Hope I win! πŸ™‚

  68. Robin Conklin

    I would first show it to my mother in law. She is 84 years old, and loves jelly bellys!. I am the gummy bear queen, and I always tell her "gummy bears are BIG in my house, so don’t talk about jelly bellys"! It’s kind of a standing joke. I think it would be hilarious to show her just HOW big gummy bears are in my house!!!!! Then, of course, I would eat it and be in heaven!

  69. Pauline Hackett

    I would enjoy it very much. I would probably share it with my sons, but we all would be very glad to have such a good and yummy treat. I just love a good gummy bear. It would satisfy my sweet tooth.

  70. Maggie

    I would use whip cream to decorate the gummi bear so that it looks like Santa Claus. The bear would have a beard made of whip cream. I would then place a Santa hat on the bear’s head. The gummi bear would sit outside my house to be admired my guests and passers-by.


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