valentne chocolate candy, heart shaped fudge box, homemade fudge

Warm up your Valentines with these delicious hearty treats!


Don’t leave your Valentines out in the cold! Warm them up with these yummy Valentine candies! We carry many heart shaped candy options that are very reasonably priced.

Say forever with fudge!

These are heart shape cakes containing smooth homemade chocolate fudge. Choose either plain chocolate or chocolate vanilla swirl fudge – or get both! Your valentine will thank you again and again for this rich and delicious fudge treat!. Approx 1/2 lb. of fudge per container.

valentne chocolate candy, heart shaped fudge box, homemade fudge

Merry Mallo Hearts!

valentine candy, mallocreme candy, candy hearts, heart shaped candyThese generously sized mallocreme hearts will melt away all inhibition of anyone who eats them! They come in a fabulous color assortment of red, pink, and white that works great for Valentine’s Day events! Hearts are 3/4″ wide.

Gourmet Chocolates

Show off your great taste in candy with these out-of-this-world rich chocolates from Kopper’s! Most of these chocolates have a nice amount of cocoa butter in them, resulting in a super smooth and silky taste! Chocolate Red Cherries, Red and White Cordials, Red Dazzle Almonds, and Red Chocolate Malt Balls all make great choices for Valentine’s Day!

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Chocolate Hearts

Nothing says “I Love You!” like chocolate. Kosher dairy chocolate hearts are wrapped in red or bright pink foil. Use them as favors at your Valentine’s Day party, or just get some for your favorite Valentine! Hearts are 1.25″ wide, and .5″ thick.chocolate hearts candy, chocolate red hearts, pink chocolate hearts, kosher candy for Valentine's DayPretty Pops for your Valentine

We have several heart shaped lollipops, but here are some of our newest ones. We have solid red heart pops (comes in a set of 12), crazy heart pops (which are kind of psychedelic -also sold as a set of 12), and teeny heart pops, which come in a box of 48 with two different designs and flavors.

candy heart lollypops, heart lollies, heart pops, heart lollipops, valentine candy heartsWe also have the popular red and white Round-Up Lollipops and the red and white Whirly pops, too!

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Get your Valentine hot with Gummi Bear fever!

We have gummi bears in all shapes and sizes, but these are our picks for Valentine’s Day! Regular sized bears in cherry and red raspberry flavors, Cherry Berry Bear and Giant Gummi Bear Cherry (both 1/2 pound each), or a 5-pound World’s Largest Gummy Bear – Cherry.

valentine gummi bears, red gummy bears, giant red gummy bears, valentine candy, candy for valentines day

Another cute Valentine candy bear is the Juju Cinnamon bear from Ferrara pan.These chewy gummy-like bears have a great-tasting hot cinnamon flavor.valentine candy, cinnamon bear candy, juju candy, red candy for valentines dayMore Hearty Candy

More heart shaped candies include sugar-sanded cherry gummy hearts (in solid red, or in a red and white color assortment), mini pink chocolate hearts, pressed and coated candy hearts in red, white, and assorted bright pastel colors, and two kinds of conversation hearts – original and Smarties Love Hearts!

red gummy candy, red gummi candy, red gummi hearts, red gummy hearts, red candy for valentines day

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Planning a party for Valentine’s Day and want to serve something really trendy?

pink cake pops, valentine cake, valentine party cakes, cake pop candy, candy for valentines day

How about pink and white cake pops! The Glamour Cake Pop Kit features bright pink sugar crystals, and bright pink non-pareils that top off your homemade cake pop treats. We have other cake pop kits, such as chocolate lovers, party pops in vanilla and chocolate, and patriotic cake pops too!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at the Bulkcandystore!


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