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The 8 Biggest Candy Flops of All Time


Every industry has its flops, and while some are memorable, there are some we don’t even remember hearing about.  Let’s go back in time and explore eight of the biggest candy flops of all time.

candy flops

#8 Life Savers Soda

While this really isn’t a candy flop, it was created by one of our favorite non-c ocolate hard candies that was invented back in 1912 — Life Savers.  While these candies are a success, the fizzy drink that transformed the candy into a liquid wasn’t.

#7 Hershey’s Desert Bar

Don’t mistake the word “desert” for “dessert.”  Back in 1990, Hershey’s thought it would be a fantastic idea to create a candy bar for the military that could withstand extreme temperatures.  Unfortunately, soldiers and the public claimed that it felt like they were eating a bar of wax.  This product was discontinued in late 1991.

#6 Tan M&Ms

While M&Ms are still around, they have played around with different flavors and colors.  In 1949, the color tan replaced the color violet; however, as 1995 rolled around, the public was able to pick out a color that should be added to the roster as a replacement for the tan color.  What did the public choose as a replacement?  The color blue.

#5 Amazin’ Raisin by Cadbury

Created by Cadbury, the Amazin’ Raisin was described as a milk and plain chocolate bar with raisins and caramel.  While it may sound delicious, the majority of us didn’t think so.  This snack lasted from 1971 to 1978.

#4 Flower Flavored PEZ

No, you’re not reading this one wrong.  Back in the late 1960s, PEZ thought it would be an amazing idea to market to the hippie generation with their PEZ that taste like, well, flowers.  People slowly found out that while the smell of a flower is wonderful, the taste isn’t.  Aside from the flower flavor, the company has also introduced other flops like coffee, menthol and cinnamon.

#3 Bit-O-Licorice

There’s probably a good chance that you have heard of Bit-O-Honey.  Well, this same company created a product called “Bit-O-Licorice,” which obliviously tasted like a bit of licorice.  Out of all the varieties the company tried to create, the lone survivor was their honey flavor.

#2 Kit Kat Mint

Usually, chocolate and mint are a real crowd pleasure, but unfortunately for the Kit Kat Mint, it didn’t seem to catch on.  Even with an additional two bars in the packaging, Kit Kat had to discontinue it.

#1 M-Azing Candy Bar

In 2006, M&Ms had to discontinue their M-Azing candy bar, which was simply a candy bar that tasted like M&Ms.  When you bit into the bar, it would be filled with mini M&Ms surrounded by chocolate.

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