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Spring Time Candy Craft - Bunny Trail Mix

Bunny Trail Mix

Last week, one of our pint sizes candy fans stopped by Bulk Candy Store to spend her last day of  spring break with us. In order to keep her occupied and to prevent a candy overdose, we decided to make some bunny trail mix using our favorite candies.

To make the bunny trail mix you will need the following supplies.

  • A small jar - a mason jar will work - but we used some Sixlets sample jars we had laying around.
  • Your choice of candy
  • A spring scene - we used images of  bunny rabbits.

Half pint recruited intern Megan to join in the fun. We all drew our best version of a bunny - Half pint drew hers by hand, then she scanned it and colored it on the computer. Intern Megan used illustrator to draw her bunny, and I modified an image from my clip art gallery. You may download them here.

Bunny Trail Mix Labels

Next came the fun part. The candy selection. Half pint selected a mix of Banana Heads and some nuts from our Something for everyone gift tray - she called her creation Bunny Bananas. I used pretty pastel colored  Bright Beeps Gummy Bears - They are perfect for spring.  And Megan went with Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor Mix Jelly Belly.

Bunny Trail Mix Bunny Trail Mix

Once you have selected the perfect spring candies for your project, simply fill your jars and replace the lid. Print the labels you created  and attach them to the jars. You may add ribbons and bows to your project to kick it up a notch.

Bunny Trail Mix

As usual, please feel free to share your candy projects on our Facebook Wall.

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