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  • Make your next party pop with Gummi Shots!

    These just may be the hottest-selling item in gummi history. The magical gummi makers have done it again - in the form of 100% edible Gummy Shot Glasses! Whose idea was it? Does anybody care? It's absolutely brilliant! Continue reading

  • Can you say Meat Snacks?

    We often get asked if and when we will break into other types of snack foods, besides candy that is. Well, we at the Bulkcandystore have answered your call! Continue reading

  • Soft, Chewy, and Really Colorful Fruit Slices

    Yet another option for you if you're looking for DAZZLING colored candy - soft sugar sanded fruit slices! This old time candy is a classy classic and will look spectacular on display at any event you are planning! They are also certified Kosher & Parve. Continue reading

  • Kimmie Candy's Chocolate Candy Coated Corn Nuts and Almonds

    It's time for chocolate lovers and nuts and almond lovers to get together and eat these fantastic new Kosher Dairy candy treats from Kimmie Candy. They've taken select corn nuts and almonds, dipped them in chocolate, and then coated each one in a gorgeous bright candy shell. Continue reading

  • World's Largest Gummi Bear Giveaway!

    As many of you know, we recently picked up a new line of Giant Gummi Bears. The
    Giant Gummi Bears (available alone or on a stick) weigh in a big 1/2 lb and
    are 4 inches tall. That makes it about 90 times larger than a regular gummi
    bear. But wait, that's the little guy. The World's Largest Gummi Bear weighs
    in at 5 pounds! Each one is 5.5" wide, 3.5" deep and 9"
    tall - the equivalent of 1400 regular sized gummy bears! All I can say
    is - that is one Huge Bear! Continue reading

  • Learn about Jordan Almonds

    Have you ever wondered about Jordan Almonds? Why are they used for weddings? How are they made? We did too, so we put together an article that answers these questions and more. You can learn more at Jordan Almonds - History, Mysteries and Meanings Continue reading

  • Candy Affiliate Program

    Well, we finally got to it  - we've just finished setting up the affilate program.  Like other affiliate programs, our candy affiliate progam allows you to set up a link or banner that points to our site and when someone clicks through that link and buys something, you get paid. You can link to anywhere on our site, the front page, specific categories or individual products. Best of all, we're the first ones to offer the opportunity to earn candy! That's right, your commissions can be paid in boring old money (Paypal) or in a Candy gift certificate. How great is that! Continue reading

  • Colored Jordan Almonds

    It's been a while since we've posted - we've had a lot goin on; the Ohio State Fair, the Maryland State Fair and more. We've also added an affiliate program (more of that this weekend)  and a bunch of new products. One of my favorites are the individual colored Jordan Almonds. These are a really nice product. They are extra-fine Jordan Almonds available in six different pastel colors, including green, blue and pink and nice assortment. Plus, soon we'll have real Gold and Silver Jordan Almonds! Continue reading

  • Kosher Gummies and more!

    We've been working hard at building up our kosher candy section. Our latest finds include some classic gummy characters as well as some new favorites.  We came across some kosher gummies that look and taste good! We brought in the Gummy bears and so far the reaction has been great. People are happy to finally find good tasting kosher gummies. Continue reading

  • Das Lollis


      In our quest to bring you the newest and coolest candy, we have just put up a set of lollipops, Das Lollis, that are some of the most unique we've ever seen! Das Lollis are all natural lollipops with very bold flavors. The lollipops are available in four flavors:

    • Man Bait - Real smoked bacon pieces in a maple syrup lolliop.They call it man bait, but I know a few women who would like them as well! In fact, most people would love this sweet and saory combination. If you are one of those people who thinks that bacon makes everything better, or a McGriddle®   lover, this is the lollipop for you!
    • Fab-O-Pom -  Imagine the sweet and healthy combination of natural pomegranate and oranges in a lollipop and you begin to understand this fabulous lollipop creation.  These lollipops are  a sweet and tangy fusion of heart-healthy real pomegranate extract
      and fragrant orange oil with tiny pieces of orange zest.
    • Carmelini Me Happy- Ok, a goofy name, but a really tasty lollipop. Das Foods first started by creating salted caramels and now they've brought that great flavor to a lollipop. But wait, there's more! In addition to the Fleur De Sel sea salt crystals, these lolllipops are infused with a lavendar extract, making this a really unique sweet and salty treat.
    • Naughty Ginger - Personally I always figured Maryanne would be the naughty one (get it Gilligan's Island). Actually,  they call this delicious Ginger pop naughty ecause it is
      sweet, tangy and tantalizingly spicy all at once! Small bits of candied
      ginger are complemented by lemon that tickles the mouth and can help
      soothe an upset stomach. Tangy Lemon and bits of Ginger - spicy and flavorful!

    Try them, you are sure to like them! Das Lollis 

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