Make your next party pop with Gummi Shots!


These just may be the hottest-selling item in gummi history. The magical gummi makers have done it again – in the form of 100% edible Gummy Shot Glasses! Whose idea was it? Does anybody care? It’s absolutely brilliant!

Lucky for you, is one of the selected few candy distributors that have them! That’s why these trendy, gorgeous, and delicious Gummi Shot Glasses are just literally flying off our shelves!

We are now carrying the full line of flavors: blue raspberry, cherry, orange, lemon, lime, green apple, cola, grape, and pineapple!

For only $12.95, you get six pack of 2″ x 2″  shot glasses! .25″ thick!


Each glass holds up to 1 ounce of your favorite liquor.  Kids can enjoy them too, because you can pour in nonalcoholic beverages, or even scoop in some sherbet! Better yet, fill them up with gummy bears for a real treat.
How about a specially assorted set? We have our shot glasses in three “combo” packs too:



The Tequila Mix
4 lemon, 2 lime


The Cocktail Mix
 2 lemon, 2 lime,
2 cola
The Fav Mix

2 blue raspberry,
2 cherry, 2 orange


Here are three simple recipes for gummi shooters. These will really get the party rolling!


  • Lemon Gummy-Drop – Vodka with a lemon shot glass
  • Gummy Tequila Shot – Tequila with a lime shot glass
  • Rum-Gum & Coke – Rum (or Whiskey) with a cola shot glass

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