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Kosher Gummies and more!

We've been working hard at building up our kosher candy section. Our latest finds include some classic gummy characters as well as some new favorites.  We came across some kosher gummies that look and taste good! We brought in the Gummy bears and so far the reaction has been great. People are happy to finally find good tasting kosher gummies.

The other new kosher items that we have added are the licorice cream bites. These are AWESOME. I can't even open the bag becuase I'm afraid I will eat them all. These are hollow licorice pieces filled with a sugar cream filling. Great taste and texture combination in a candy piece. Right now we have them available in Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Green Apple and Srawyberry. They are so popular that we are bringing in two new flavors next week!  For our full selection of these great kosher licorice candies, check out the licorice cream bites candy section at the site.

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