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Kimmie Candy's Chocolate Candy Coated Corn Nuts and Almonds

It's time for chocolate lovers and nuts and almond lovers to get together and eat these fantastic new Kosher Dairy candy treats from Kimmie Candy. They've taken select corn nuts and almonds, dipped them in chocolate, and then coated each one in a gorgeous bright candy shell.

If you like corn nuts, there are two ways to go. For the perfect mix of chocolate, candy and salty crunch, order the Sweet and Salty mix in a nice color assortment of orange, red, and brown (as shown to the right). For all of you spice lovers out there, you can get the Habanero Flavor, which actually goes great with sweet chocolate, coated in a great shade of red spice! 

Sweet & Salty
Chocolate Candy Corn Nuts


Sapphire Blue

The Chocolate Candy Coated Almonds come in 11 different colors:

Sunset Orange
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