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Yesterday I walked into the Bulk Candy Store and saw a box of the most adorable plush toys – snakes, seahorse, monkeys, giraffes and  Dolphins. I was as excited as a kid in a candy store:) – you see, I have 13 nieces and nephews under the age of 8 and since I hang out at the candy store, I am always in charge of the party favors when their respective birthdays comes around. I gotta tell you, I was running out of cute ideas. But with these new critters – or Hitchers as they are called, I can hardly wait for the next birthday celebration.

What are Hitchers?

I am glad you asked… They are  little  plush animals that  you can wrap around round up lollipops or you may rap them around the sticks of lollipop classics like whirly pops. According to the manufacturer Squire Boone Village, “Hitchers like to hitch a ride with their friends. Velcro arms , legs, loops and bendable parts, allows hitchers to be shaped around and hang on to twister pops, wrist, shoe laces, backpacks and bicycles”.

This Easter, one of  my nephews will be celebrating his 8th birthday. Since he is currently going through his creepy crawly phase. I think – no, I know that he is going to love the snake Hitchers. Check them out below – aren’t they adorable?

I like these Hitchers because once you have enjoyed your candy, you can continue enjoying your plush snakes, seahorse, monkeys, giraffes or Dolphins.


Bike Hitcher

The kids are going to love attaching hitchers to their bikes or simply wrapping them around their arms or attaching them to their backpacks. I image that they are going to be the next craze. And remember, if they are not fans of snakes, they may choose from the critters in the Hitchers arsenal.

Are you as wild about these Hitchers as I am? Would you give them a thumbs up or thumbs down? BTW, I think they are going to look great in your Easter basket.


2 thoughts on “Easter treat for someone sweet

  1. Dottie

    Am I able to purchase some Hitcher’s?
    The lollipops with the little stuffed animals?! So adorable!


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