DIY Fortune Cookie Invitation


Fortune cookies party favors are on trend right now, so I was happy when we got these Create your own Fortune Cookies kit  in at Bulk Candy Store. They will be perfect for an idea I have been toying with for some time.

I will be hosting a brunch for a few girl friends and I want the invitations to be a little different – like me:). So here’s the plan. I will send the invitation in a fortune cookie!

The Fortune Cookie kit has strips of paper included for messages. You may write your invitation by hand, or you can create them on your computer and cut them into strips before inserting them into the fortune cookies.

I have a some 3 x 3 x 3″ Corrugated Boxes – these will be perfect for mailing the fortune cookie invitations to friends.

Fortune cookie invitationA mini Chinese take out box may work as well – but they are a bit delicate and the cookies might get damaged before arriving at their destination.

I like the idea of sending a ‘real‘ fortune cookie in the mail, but if you are nervous about sending your work of art via post, then you can create a  faux fortune cookie using paper.  Instructions can be found here.

To follow through on the fortune cookie theme, I plan on giving them to my guests as favors. I will not be giving them plain ol’ fortune cookies, I am will be dipping them in melted White Vanilla A’peels and embellishing them with sprinkles. I think I will use the Mini Chocolate Chips.

I will post pics of the finished products in Facebook and Pinterest.


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