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Choose your color! We have 16 different choices of chocolate nonpareils!

A Little Nonpareil History

For those who don't know, nonpareils are tiny pieces of colored sugar that are commonly used to decorate flat round chocolates. Nonpareil translates from French into “without equal.” A recipe from 1886 calls the candy "Chocolate Drops with Nonpareils", which is a good description of the candy. Over the years, it became simplified to "Chocolate Nonpareils". Most people remember the Sno Caps chocolate candy nonpareils, which consisted of very small dark chocolates covered with tiny balls of white sugar.

Today, the basic nonpareils have come a long way, baby! For one thing, they're not just black and white anymore, you can get them in almost any color. proudly offers 10 different color choices, including:


Choose your size!

Most of our chocolate nonpareils are about 1 inch in diameter, but we also have 1.5 inch ones, and even a giant 3 inch chocolate nonpareil!  

Giant 3 inch Chocolate Nonpareils!

Of course, we also carry the original smaller sized nonpareils as well, in bulk. Most of our chocolate nonpareils are Kosher dairy.

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