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Check out our New Chocolate and Maple Nut Candies

We just brought these decadent chocolates and yummy maple treats in from Zachary's because they all taste unbelievably awesome!

Chocolate Creme Drops
Big chocolate cremes feature a fluffy sweet vanilla center wrapped up in a decadent dark chocolate coating, and molded into an adorable drop shape!
Chocolate Mint Balls 
Especially for chocolate mint lovers everywhere! Sweet dark chocolate with a creamy mint center!
Mini Chocolate Caramels
 Super soft and decidedly decadent. Bite-sized creamy milk chocolate balls over a chewy caramel center!

Maple nut candy is making a big-time comeback! Stock up on these premium peanuts double dipped in maple sugar coating or the maple peanut clusters.

Double Dipped Maple Treats
A unique combination of fresh oven-roasted nuts and a buttery toffee center, all covered in a maple coating.
Maple Peanut Clusters 
Clusters of fresh roasted peanuts in rich maple coating!
Try some and then let us know how much you love them!
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