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  • Candy Stocking Stuffers: A guide to what the kids really want!

    We are exactly 20 days away from Christmas, and before we know it the day will be upon us! Here at Bulk Candy Store, we wanted to make the perfect candy stocking stuffer guide. If you don’t have time to go out and purchase stocking stuffers for the kids or the grownups, then we have a solution for you! Continue reading

  • How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the Center? Contest

     After being around for more than a century, Tootsie Roll Industries have created a phenomenon known as the tootsie roll, which eventually turned into the Tootsie pop. With a solid, steady record, tootsie pops have become a favorite lollipop in American history. Most American will tell you that they have had a handful (and most likely way more) of tootsie pops over the years. The one thing that most people cannot answer is the question, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” Continue reading

  • A Sweet Blast from the Past: 80 years of candy and memories

    From the beginning of the twentieth century, candy was an important part of the American past times. The old time candy culture is begging for a day when they can go to the store, fill up a bag, and only pay a quarter for more candy than they really needed.  Nearly every American can recall a time when candy was the maker of childhood memories. Whether you’re 20 or 90, you will be able to relate to the idea that candy is generational, and with so many candy options today, many of the nostalgic candy generations long for simplicity in their candy options.  Since this is nearly impossible, here is a quick guide to the limelight decades of old time candy. Continue reading

  • Valentine's day Candy Gram

    The perfect Valentine's Day gift not need to be expensive, I think a gift from the heart goes a long way and is considerably more special.  A Valentine candy gram really shows how much you care without breaking the bank.  You can easily adapt your candy gram to suit your boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter, teacher, mother or anyone else you love. A candy gram makes a versatile, heartfelt Valentine's Day or just because gift. Continue reading

  • Pop Rocks Candy – still popping up everywhere!

    Strawberry Bubble Gum  Blue Raspberry Dips

    Click here to see our entire selection of Pop Rocks

    Pop Rocks Myths and Reality

    Hard to believe it, but are still some people out there that are afraid to eat Pop Rocks candy or will never eat them with a serving of Coca Cola. If you are one of those people, then fear not, we wrote this article especially for you. Years after the rumors have gone, the classic retro candy treat, lives on. Continue reading

  • Big Candy Jewelry and New ICEE Candies!

    Are you looking for a candy necklace for a big girls' party? Well, look no further. We are now carrying The World's Most Gigantic Candy necklace! Continue reading

  • Colored Sixlets and Gumballs

    We took a huge step forward today in our candy by color selection. We added individual colored sixlets and gumballs. The sixlets are crunchy candy coated chocolate balls available in a variety of colors.  On the gumball side we added a few popular color, with more on the way. Two of my favorite new ones are the black and white sixlets and gumballs. We have seen a growing interest in black and white candy as more and more people add candy buffets to formal events. Look for more colors coming in the near future!

  • Candy By Color

    We've introduced a new feature at bulk Candy Store. We now offer a Candy by Color category, with listing by individual candy colors. So if you're looking for selected colors of candy for a candy buffet of any kind, this new feature will make it easy. Candy by color is perfect for a wedding candy buffet, bar/bat mitzvah candy buffet, sweet sixteen candy buffet, for that matter any candy buffet. It also makes it easy to find items that match your corporate colors for business tradeshows and events. Looking for orange candy for your grand opening? No Problem!

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