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  • Meltable Items Update

    I think the best part of being in the candy business is the sheer pleasure we get to bring to people.  The flip side is just the opposite, when people are not happy with their sweets, and of course, that bothers us.  One of the biggest problems we have is that in the summer it's hot! And as we all know, there are many candies that don't do so well in heat, especially chocolate Continue reading

  • Bulk Candy Store Blog is Back!

    Bulk Candy StoreHi Everyone!

    We're back. The Bulk Candy Store blog has been silent for a while  because we had some technical glitches. We upgraded our servers at the end of last year and kablooey - the blog wouldn't work! We have gone through several iterations, corrections and versions since then and finally settled on Wordpress ( a good decision we think). We had to get our web host to set it up on our server, since it was not a Linux box, but they happily obliged. And now, here we are! Continue reading

  • Candy Affiliate Program

    Well, we finally got to it  - we've just finished setting up the affilate program.  Like other affiliate programs, our candy affiliate progam allows you to set up a link or banner that points to our site and when someone clicks through that link and buys something, you get paid. You can link to anywhere on our site, the front page, specific categories or individual products. Best of all, we're the first ones to offer the opportunity to earn candy! That's right, your commissions can be paid in boring old money (Paypal) or in a Candy gift certificate. How great is that! Continue reading

  • New Newsletter

    We just published our latest newsletter. If you didn't see it, check it out here . We're offering people up to a 20% discount for reviewing our site but you gotta act fast!  If you're not already subscribed to our newsletter, you can at the Bulk Candy Store Newsletter page

  • Bulk Candy Store Reviews

    We have a new way for you to provide feedback on We are working with, a service which allows you to view/post reviews of our site.  So far our ratings have been excellent and we intend to keep it that way! If you've had a great experience with us, please write us a review, or you can see reviews of here.  Of course, if you're unhappy for ANY reason , please contact us right away.

  • Bulk Candy Store at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

    Once again, the World's Largest Traveling Candy Store has "set down for a spell" at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The show opened yesterday, and we're happy to report that it went well. The event runs March 3-22,2009 and looks like a rally great show. The entertainment alone looks great, a very eclectic mix, including Rascal Flatts, Alan Jackson, Gladys Knight, the Jonas Continue reading

  • Welcome to the Bulk Candy Store Blog.

    Welcome to the first Bulk Candy Store Blog post. We built
    this blog to communicate with our existing and potential customers and friends.
    We will be keeping you up to date on the people, specials, new products and
    happenings here at Bulk Candy Store. Plus we’ll muse about our favorite candies
    and pass along some industry news. We also want this to be a place you can communicate
    with us. Please feel free to leave us comments and feedback as we present our
    thoughts and ideas.  Let us know how to beyour favorite candy store ever!

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