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Candy Corn

  • Candy Art

    We've discovered some very unique, candy-made, Mosaic Portraits created by Jason Mecier.

    Mecier is a unique artist who has  used a wide range of materials that many would deem "trash" to create intricate portraits of famous celebrities. Recently he released a new series of Mosaics made out of candy ( Hot Tamales, Gummy Bears, Candy Corn, licorice and more) which are pop celebrity inspired! Here are a few of our favorites: Continue reading

  • New Gourmet Candy Corn Craze!

    Candy corn... it's not just for Halloween! Originally created in the 1800s, candy corn has now gone gourmet - with a little help from Zachary's Confections Company. is pleased to announce that we now carry all 13 Candy Corn flavors! And just FYI, Zachary candy corn won Best Taste Award in a blind candy corn tasting in the American Culinary Chefs Best group, so you know it's gonna taste amazing! Continue reading

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