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Candy Buffets

All about candy buffets - candy by color, ideas, pictures and more information to make your wedding or other special event buffet perfect.

  • Candy and Colors Galore! A Guide to Seasonal Candy Buffets

    During the Fall and Winter season, many people throw parties or have small get-togethers with their friends. One way to create a seasonal center piece is to use the oh-so-beloved candy buffet. What some of you may be wondering is how to decide on colors and actual candy that will fit your occasion. Well, I am here to help! Below I have put together a pictorial list of what color combinations work well for seasonal parties and exactly the candy you will need to create that exact color scheme. Continue reading

  • Creating Your Candy Buffet - 4 Tips for a Sweet Buffet

    You may have noticed something new at today's weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and other special events. It is called the Candy Buffet - and it is all the rage! Event planners love them because they can create amazing displays without breaking the budget. Guests love them because they get to partake in the candy madness! There is no doubt that a candy wonderland adds sparkle and interests to any event. Continue reading

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