Candy Topiaries


The term topiary was originally used to describe plants that were molded into specific shapes by talented (and patient) landscapers. This practice dates back thousands of years and has been applied to a variety of mediums (flowers, balloons, etc), and like all good things, candy makes it sweeter. With the popularity of candy buffets and candy themed events, it’s no wonder that candy has become a popular décor item as well. It makes perfect sense, candy comes in a vast array of colors, shapes and sizes and appeals to just about everyone.

Enter the candy topiary, the perfect way to display a fun and colorful decor element. To get an idea of the wide variety of topiaries already out there, I did a quick search on Pinterest for candy topiary and came up with a few excellent boards. My favorite is this one:

Candy topiary Board on Pinetrist

Candy topiaries at Pintrist

This board clearly showcases how you can use almost any type of candy to put a topiary together.

Gummy Rings and Gumballs Candy Topiary

Our friends at Carolyn’s Creationz really like candy topiaries and have made some really interesting ones. One of my favorites is this one, which is made from gummi rings and gumballs from Bulk Candy Store.


If you’re wondering how you can make one of these visually tasty treats yourself, you’re in luck.

Starlight Mint Candy topiary

Starlight Mint Candy topiary


No, I’m not going to post a tutorial today, because there are numerous tutorials online about how to make candy topiaries. I found one that showed how to make this really nice looking starlight mint topiary. The tutorial can be found on the blog at

You can try this one, or you can use the same techniques to make other variations. Either way, it’s sure to be fun!



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