Candy and Colors Galore! A Guide to Seasonal Candy Buffets


During the Fall and Winter season, many people throw parties or have small get-togethers with their friends. One way to create a seasonal center piece is to use the oh-so-beloved candy buffet. What some of you may be wondering is how to decide on colors and actual candy that will fit your occasion. Well, I am here to help! Below I have put together a pictorial list of what color combinations work well for seasonal parties and exactly the candy you will need to create that exact color scheme.

But first, here is a little bit about me (The newest Bulk Candy Store employee)…

My name is Megan, and I somewhat informally introduced myself on Facebook, so here I am to further introduce myself. I’m currently getting my degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Communications at a beautiful school here in South Florida. This job is perfect for gaining experience in both of the areas I am studying. So, what better way to introduce myself than to write a blog about color schemes that work for seasonal candy buffets?

Besides the credentials of being an aspiring graphic artist and priding myself in having an eye for semi-obvious color combinations, there is no reason other than your own approval that will convince you to take my advice. If you do indeed find even better color combinations for the coming seasons, we at Bulk Candy Store would love to see what you have put together!

Nevertheless, here are a few color combinations I have picked out for the current and coming seasons!  The link to each of the candy by color products  show in the photos are listed below the picture in numeric order.

Thanksgiving/ Fall

1. French Burnt Peanuts

2. Candy Coated Chocolate Gems – Gold

3. Rootbeer Gumballs

4. Orange Rock Candy on a String



1. Chocolate Foiled Balls

2. Snowflake Pretzels

3. Pearl Green Sixlets

4. Coco-Candy Almonds


New Years/ Winter

1. Rock Candy on a String

2. Pearl White Sixlets

3. Sparkling Silver Jordon Almonds

4. Chocolate Sunflower Seeds


I hope this has helped you with any event planning you may be doing in the coming months. There are few things I appreciate more than well placed colors and color combinations.

If you do a candy buffet at your next event, feel free to email me (Megan at Bulkcandystore.com) details and pictures for future blogs. I would love to see what you can do!




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