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Can you say Meat Snacks?

We often get asked if and when we will break into other types of snack foods, besides candy that is. Well, we at the Bulkcandystore have answered your call!

It is our pleasure to be a new distributor of a large variety of flavored meat snacks from such famous manufacturers as Jack Link's, Slim Jim, and Tijuana Mama. Our broad line of products include: flavored prime rub cuts, beef jerky (and ham and turkey jerky), steak and buffalo chicken nuggets, beef steaks and beef sticks, and pickled sausage!

Most items come in original smoked, hickory smoked, bbq, sweet & hot, and teriyaki flavors. You can even choose from small and large packs for your jerky and steak snack items. 

So now, all you have to do is click on your favorite meat snackmakers to get right to it!

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