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cake popsYes, cake pops are all the rage, but how did they come to be? The concept of a ball of sweet cake is actually not new, I suspect that some inspiration was derived from donut holes, which are sweet dough balls glazed or coated with glaze or cinnamon and sugar crumb. Donut holes; however, are considered more of a breakfast item with only a basic presentation quality. They are yummy and fun to eat, but a tray of donut holes just doesn’t have that “wow” factor we all strive for, especially when selecting party foods.

The next thing closer to cake pops are cake balls, which were originally made from leftover cake. The leftover, and potentially stale cake would be crumbed and rolled into balls with icing or some other binding ingredient, making it somewhat heavier and sweeter than normal cake. Sometimes, the cake balls were coated with various frostings. Cake balls, like donut holes, are actually not a new concept, though the purpose of the cake ball then and now have changed.

Cake balls became so popular that bakers began making them from the start, without waiting for leftover birthday cake. This continued for awhile until a home cook (who calls herself Bakerella) put them on sticks and called them cake pops! Now, they have become America’s hot dessert item, whether you want one for a special afternoon treat, for your kid’s birthday party, for your next corporate event, or even for your wedding. Their versatility makes them perfect for any occasion.

Where can you get a cake pop kit?

At of course. Yes! We finally got them in and just placed them online. They are very trendy and make really pretty displays at any event. Best of all, they’re fun to make, and since they’re small, even the calorie conscious can have a few without hardly any guilt. With Easter almost here, and July 4th just around the corner parents who enjoy making adorable treats with their children just might be tempted to take on this task, even involving their youngsters.

Cake pop kit

Cake Pop Kits, imagine the possibilities.

We have 5 varieties of cake pops for you: Glamor Cake Pop Kit,  Chocolate Party Cake Pop Kit, Vanilla Cake Pop Kit, Patriotic Cake Pop Kit and Chocolate lovers cake pop kit.

Pick your favorite colors or try all 5! Each kit makes 12 (1 inch) cake pops.

The box becomes a display stand too!



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