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  • Win Free Candy - Our first Giveaway!


    On February, 9th 2013 Bulk Candy Store will be opening their new cash and carry warehouse to the public. Since our customers live all over the world, some of you will not be able to attend the Guaranteed to be fabulous event. We do not want to exclude anyone, we would like to give all candy lovers an opportunity to join in on the festivities and win some free candy. Continue reading

  • Love and Peppermint Candy Cane


    The Christmas holidays are oversad and you have several pounds of left over candy canes. What to do, what to do? Valentine's day is around the corner and since it's another 'red and white' holiday, we can up cycle our left over candy canes in to crafty valentine's creations. I scoured the corners of the internet and found a few ideas. I will share some of my favs. Continue reading

  • Valentine’s Day – How it started


    St. Valentine's Day, as we know it today, includes remnants of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. Have you ever wondered about who Saint Valentine was, or how he started this romantic ritual? One legend tells us that Valentine was a priest who lived in Rome during the third century. Roman Emperor Claudius II had just outlawed marriage, because he believed that single men made better soldiers than those with families. Saint Valentine continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Claudius found out about this, he had Valentine killed. Continue reading

  • Sweet Holiday Gifts


    Are you looking for the perfect gift for that sweet someone in your life? Or a holiday gift for the person who has everything except a Candy Christmas Ornament? Well look no further! This year Bulk Candy Store has put together a truly unique set of Christmas and Chanukah sweet gifts for you to give to friends, family or even as a gift for yourself. Continue reading

  • How to make a candy bouquet

    Guest post by Korah Morrison

    The best gift for the sweet tooth is not a bouquet of flowers, but a candy bouquet! This bouquet is just beautiful, and very tasty as well. I propose that you break the stereotypes and make a beautiful bouquet of candies by hand. Your handy work will be much more appreciated by your friends and family, definitely more than a bouquet bought at the store. Continue reading

  • The Candy Gift Basket Project


    It has been a super busy month here at Bulk Candy Store. It seems like all our friends and families have October birthdays and naturally, since we are candy retailers, they all get gifts of candies and fun foods. I have become every ones favorite relative, after all, who doesn't like candy! Continue reading

  • How to make a candy pie


    Did you know you can make a candy pie? yes you can, and there is no baking involved. Here's how:- Continue reading

  • Bonomo Turkish Taffy


    I am so excited, I think I am gonna bust! This morning I walked into the my office and I noticed 2 boxes on my desk. They looked familiar, but not really. OMG, Bonomos has introduced 2 new Turkish Taffy Flavors,  Wild Cherry and Blue Raspberry. Continue reading

  • History of Salt Water Taffy

    Most everyone loves salt water taffy, but did you ever wonder when and how it was first made? Salt Water Taffy is a variety of soft taffy originally produced and marketed in Atlantic City, New Jersey, beginning in the late 19th century. The most popular explanation of the name is that  of a candy-store owner, David Bradley, whose shop was flooded during a major storm in 1883. His entire stock of taffy was soaked with salty Atlantic Ocean water. Shortly afterward, a young girl came into his shop and asked if he had any taffy for sale. Mr. Bradley jokingly offered her some "salt water taffy."  After sampling a piece, the girl purchased the candy and proudly walked down to the beach to show her friends. Bradley's mother was in the back of the store and overheard the whole conversation. She loved the name “saltwater taffy”, and that’s what it was called from then on. Continue reading

  • The Gummy Share Bear

    Just imagine a world where it would take you two hands to hold a gummy bear. That’s what every child would dream of. But until now, your fantasy has become a reality with this astonishing 27 pound gummy bear; yeah that’s right 27 pounds! You would need a crane to carry this colossal snack. Continue reading

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