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A Sweet Blast from the Past: 80 years of candy and memories

From the beginning of the twentieth century, candy was an important part of the American past times. The old time candy culture is begging for a day when they can go to the store, fill up a bag, and only pay a quarter for more candy than they really needed.  Nearly every American can recall a time when candy was the maker of childhood memories. Whether you’re 20 or 90, you will be able to relate to the idea that candy is generational, and with so many candy options today, many of the nostalgic candy generations long for simplicity in their candy options.  Since this is nearly impossible, here is a quick guide to the limelight decades of old time candy.



Candy of the 20’s

Bit O’ Honey
Orange slices

Candy of the 30’s

Boston Baked Beans
Candy buttons
Soft Caramel Chews

Chico Sticks

 Candy of the 40’s:

BB Bats & Kits
Bubble Gum Cigars
Candy Cigarettes
Red Hots
Sen Sen
Necco Assorted Wafters
Root Beer Barrels
C. Howards Violet Mints
Canada Peppermints
Jolly Rancher Stix
Licorice Lace


Candy of the 50’s

Slap Stix
Fruit Slices
Anise Bears

Atomic Fireballs
Candy Necklace

Ice Blue Mints
Jelly Nougats

Candy of the 60’s


Cinnamon Toothpicks
Fun Stripes
Good and Plenty
Now and Later
Pixy Stixs
Swedish Fish

Candy of the 70’s

Charm's Blow Pops
Bottle Caps
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
Fun Dip
Laffy Taffy
Pop Rocks
Rock Candy

Candy of the 80’s


Wax Fangs

Gummy Bears
Sour Patch Kids

Candy of the 90’s:

Caramel Apple Pops
Sour Punch Straws
Squeeze Pops Liquid Lollipops

This guide does not include every kind of candy that each decade has to offer, but hopefully it will help you in distinguishing exactly the candies that might have made memories for you as a child. All of these products you can find on our website, and are available anytime you need a piece of sweet nostalgia.  Candy is not just for our sweet tooth, it is also a taste of the past!

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