A quick and easy Valentine’s Day gift!


Are you in need of a quick and easy Valentine’s Day gift idea for the up coming holiday? Well we’ve got the perfect thing for you!


What you will need for this Valentine’s Day craft is easy! The list includes:

  • Any kind of ribbon (preferably red, white, or pink)
  • Transparent Plastic Wrap/Cellophane (The kind you use for gift baskets)
  • A plastic cup (small or big!)
  • Chocolate Sunflower Seeds or any festive candy of your choice.

To make this craft you put the sunflower seeds into the cup, wrap the plastic around the cup and tie the ribbon around the top. It’s that easy!

You can purchase the sunflower seeds in different colors for other holidays to come. Holidays such as Easters or even Mother’s or Father’s day.

Super Simple Gift Wrap

Super Simple Gift wrap


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