Minions Candy Buffet

This candy buffet was inspired by those yellow faced men with funny accents….Minions!

Minions are a huge hit with adults and kids alike. Their silly language and unique voices make way for the ultimate of belly laughs.

We decided on the yellow and blue theme and added some fun tidbits like party sequins, Minion props, hats, balloons, and toys. Make your very own by following our tips on creating a themed candy buffet like this one!



An important aspect for a flamboyant Candy Buffet is the jars you will be using.

As you can see, we chose large jars and decided to keep the tops off  some of them. We do this to accentuate the goods inside of the jar.

By choosing different sizes like tall, short, and long you are able to create dimension, and a bit of variety within your buffet.

We also used plastic sand pales to introduce a splash of color into the candy holders. Fun!

You can buy these types of glass jars at any craft store, such as Michaels . You can save a little money by looking at a place like Big Lots . Smaller budget and more time, try flea markets and consignment stores, they often a great place find jars for your candy buffet.

Don’t forget to check out your local Dollar Store for awesome deals. The blue and yellow plastic buckets were only $1 each. STEAL!





Our selection of candy was an array of blue and yellow treats to go along with the Minion theme.

We chose an assortment from small pieces of chocolate to large chunky pieces of Rock Candy pops. The variations go as far as your imagination!

Our shop has a limitless collection of colorful candy and they are arranged nicely for you in a COLOR category. Feel free to click on the links if you would like to use the same types of candy for your buffet

Here are the candies we decided to use for this project:

Blue Raspberry Rock Candy Sticks
Lemon Rock Candy Stick
Mighty Mango Gummi Bears
Blue Raspberry Gummi Bears
Pina Colada Jelly Belly
Blueberry Jelly Belly










Yellow Chocolate Gems
Royal Blue Chocolate Gems
Pineapple Malt Balls






Navy Blue Malt Balls
Black Cherry Splash Pops
Banana Salt Water Taffy






We ran to Party City and grabbed a slew of Minion inspired decorations. Everything was less than $5 each so you can say we are pretty thrifty in my opinion.

By placing the banner in the background it gave the buffet a fun, party time look. A minion hat was used as a replacement for the glass jar top. (See, this is where imagination comes in). We also had a neat balloon that we set in the cylinder shaped jar and filled with blue and yellow malt balls, this made the jar itself look like one of the little minions! There are also a few bouncy minion balls that you can place into your theme for added fun. You can’t forget to sprinkle some bright, colorful sequins onto the table so your guests can add a sparkle to their eye while admiring your buffet!


Final Quick Tip: Use your left over candy for To-Go favors for your guests! These bright yellow favor boxes are only $1 at Party City. OH SO nifty!




There you have it!  All the makings for a perfect Minion Candy Buffet. We hope your family and friends enjoy eating it as much as you enjoy making it!


Marshmallow Chocolate Milk Dream Recipe
















What is Rich, Tall, Dark and Handsome?  ‘Marshmallow Chocolate Milk’ of course!

We’ve put together another scrumptious recipe using melted marshmallows, chocolate milk, whipped cream, and dark chocolate sprinkles. It is velvety, divine and completely irresistible. I think we might have a crush on our debonair chocolate dream in a cup.

Here’s how to make your own:































































































































and…Voila! Now your only job is to kick your feet back and enjoy!

Some of the sweets used in this recipe you can find at our store.

Dark Chocolate Sprinkles

Ultimate Chocolate Malt Balls

End Your Summer Right with a Beachy Delight!

The Beach is Happiness. We all love the crisp air, fun in the sun, the blue waves crashing into the shimmering shoreline…AH, pure joy.

What could be better than a beach-themed Kids Party, Candy Buffet, or just as a creative way for your kids to keep busy during the summer. Our ‘End of the Summer DIY Party’ is simple, super cool, and undeniably entertaining. Perfect for busy moms, school teachers, and babysitters alike. Not to mention, you won’t have to break the bank because most of these items can be purchased at your local Dollar Store. Even better, the candy is also conveniently available on our easy-to-order, Online Candy Store.


Our first craft to make is the Bucket of Ocean


Here’s what you’ll need:





Tropical Candy Cocktail


Here’s what you’ll need:




How To Concoct Your Concoction:

  1. 1. Add Ice to your Mason Jar or Desired Cup of Choice
  2. 2. Pour your Sprite
  3. 3. Put 3-4 Drops of Orange Food Coloring, depending on your Love for Orange
  4. 4. Slowly pour the desired amount of Candy Crumbles into the jar so it fills the bottom half
  5. 5. Decorate your Drink with Starfish and Oyster Gummies
  6. 6. Don’t forget the cocktail umbrella!
  7. 7. ENJOY


Kandy Kabobs



Here’s what you’ll need:





Now that you know how to bring the beach home, you can go grab all of the ingredients from our convenient online Candy Shop, hustle over to your local Dollar Store for the finishing touches to make your DIY ‘End of Summer DIY’ theme POP with color.

Finally, get ready for a Beach’n good time with family and friends!

Delicious Digital Goods on us!

If you follow us anywhere through the social media world, then you would know we really enjoy giving stuff away!

So we’ve decided to serve you some sugary sweet wallpapers for your desktop and phone! Scroll below and click for the downloadable links! Enjoy =)




Click the images below to download

Mobile Wallpapers

free_mobile_wallpaper_pink free_mobile_wallpaper_greenfree_mobile_wallpaper







Desktop Wallpapers






The Pop Rocks Urban Legend Debunked

Pop Rocks: Urban Legend Vs. Reality


The tall tale of deadly Pop Rocks came from the infamous Little Mikey,  the cute face of the classic Life cereal commercials in the 70’s. The legend states that poor Mikey gobbled up a bag of Pop Rocks, and then decided to guzzle a can of Coke which “according to folklore” made Little Mikey’s insides burst like a microwaved egg. Have you tried this risky concoction? Is it risky at all? Let’s find out.



Contrary to popular belief, Pop Rocks candy does not contain an acid-based mixture, but a small amount of carbonation made from carbon dioxide, that produce large volumes of gas when mixed through chewing and saliva. Mikey was rumored to have died due to a stomach explosion after eating the candy and Coke mixture. The incident was and is completely false and the former child actor, whose real name is John Gilchrist, is alive and well. Even after much debate, Pop Rocks was still taken off of the market in mid-1980 due to the insidious rumor of Little Mikey’s death. Just a few years later Pop Rocks made their encore debut, rising from the ashes of mythos to fulfill their destiny as one of the most cherished hard candies of the century.




Pop Rocks, the carbonated popping candy, was invented by chemist William “Bill” Mitchell while working for the General Foods Corporation in 1956. He created the popular treat by mixing sugar, lactose, corn syrup, dye and artificial flavoring. The ingredients are heated, allowed to melt and then carbonized. Bubbles form as the mixture cools. As you eat the candy, the bubbles burst, creating the signature popping sensation. Containing less carbonation than half of a can of soda, Pop Rocks are a completely safe, tasty fun way for kids to enjoy candy. So will your stomach end up outside of your body if you happen to mix a pack of these popping candy treasures with a can of pop? No, we can assure you that although you may get a case of bubbly guts when adding more carbonation to these already fizzy rocks, your stomach and your life will still happily go on after the candy has gone.

So the light has been shed on the reality of the speculated hazards of Pop Rocks.  The results are in and the conclusion is…drum roll please…there is absolutely no imminent danger in enjoying a pack of the iconic candy . Except of course, becoming utterly addicted to the sensational mouth tingling effects! Now that you’ve been correctly informed, its time to bring back the fun of Pop Rocks and divulge in the Bulk Candy Stores variety of Pop Rock flavors that your whole family is sure to love!






Click here to see our selection of Pop Rocks candy

Get Bamboozled By Bean Boozled!

For months, people all over the world have been posting videos of them doing the “Bean Boozled Challenge.”  So our first question was, “What the heck is this madness?”

It’s a game that leaves your taste buds either hating you or loving you, depending on your luck.  You spin the spinner and grab whatever color jelly bean it lands on. The trick is each colored bean could be one of two flavors: one that tastes awesome or one that makes you want to barf!  Actually, I think that’s one of the choices… But you don’t know which flavor you’ll get because they look EXACTLY alike and don’t have a smell.  So you’re only option is to taste it and find out!

We at Bulk Candy Store decided to do a little research on this game to see what all of the fuss was about.  So we took three kids; gave them napkins, plates and water; and handed them the Bean Boozled Challenge! We recorded them and made it into a hilarious video. Their taste buds, your entertainment!  Check it out!

Shop Now


Dan & Ally’s Candy Buffet !

Hey there! My name is Tina and I decided to write more about my experience creating the Wedding Candy Buffet documented below. I worked closely with Dan and Ally to create this fusion of delightful sweets for their wedding. So I thought it would be a good idea to ..*BREAK IT DOWN* ! (I know there is some sort of dance move involved in that phrase lol) I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to get informative on this candy buffet. Not only was it fun but also inspiring! Click the video below to check it out and the read the rest of the post for  behind the scenes candy buffet tips.

3 Reasons I wanted to blog about this Wedding Candy Buffet

1. To highlight this wonderful celebration and all it’s tasty treats!

2. To talk about the pros of having a candy buffet at your wedding.

3. And to give some advice on doing one yourself!

So first off, we were incredibly lucky to find Dan and Ally! We were searching for a local couple who was having a wedding in the next few months and after about a month they strolled into the store to purchase some candy. As I helped them check out, I asked them what the candy was for and when they gave me the details I was excited! Their wedding sounded like so much fun! On top of that, I knew we would be able to get creative with the overall theme of the wedding: 1920s Great Gatsby with a modern twist!  And so it began….

Photos by Kerry Seeley

Tip #1: Use larger candies for the bigger jars and more petite candies for the smaller jars. On our first meeting, we chose the candy and quantities based off the jars we already had. A lot of times people end up not having enough, or having too much based on the size of the jars they’ve purchased. However, if you do end up stuck in a situation where you do not have enough candy…

Tip #2: Grab a small clear cup or wrap a soup can in tin foil and place it in the middle of the jar. This takes up more space as all the candy piles up around the can and gives the illusion that the jar has more candy in it than it does.  Don’t worry about your guests finding out your secret; they normally don’t scoop too deep into the jar anyway.  Plus, you end up having to use less candy.clear_cup_trick

Tip #3 It’s Especially important to know the taste preference of your guests or “crowd.”
I first asked Dan and Ally what kind of candy they liked: chocolate? Sour? Gummy? Wrapped? Nostalgic, old-time candies? These questions are very important. If everyone is relatively neutral, then shoot for a wide variety! Why not? The more the merrier!

me_ally_danOnce we chose the candy, I prepared the buffet for them.  We got together one more time to confirm if the setup was to their liking. We added Charleston Chews, Cellas Dark Chocolate Cherries and Giant Tootsie Rolls to give it an old-time, nostalgic look for their Great Gatsby theme!


After that, they were pretty easy to please! We went with Kopper’s Sugar cookies, which are little tiny white chocolate balls topped with sugar cookie powder. We also chose another gourmet favorite from Koppers (the S’mores). These babies are delicious! Crunchy, graham-cracker-like outside, and inside is chocolate and sweet cream. The outside finish is very much like a powderey graham cracker lol

We added a touch of Rock Candy Sticks to give the buffet a dazzling effect. It’s also a good idea to have treats besides candy in the buffet, so we incorporated Raspberry Yogurt Pretzels.


Unfortunately not everything in a candy buffet is for taste. Sometimes you’re going to need something to fill the extra big jars and show off a little of a better-looking candy.  So with that we added a jar of Gumballs and made a nice display with purple and green Whirly Pops and Round-Ups!

A couple of fancy things we did for show were two cocktail-looking candy jars. The first one was a HUGE champagne glass that we filled with Jelly Belly Champagne Bubble, Ginger Al Jelly Belly Jewels and Green Apple Jelly Belly Jewels










Dan’s Margarita glass was full of Kopper’s Margarita Cordials, which have a Tequila-flavored liquid in it (non-alcoholic) with a hint of salt.  It also contained Green Apple Sour Patch Chews in the middle layer and Jelly Belly Champagne Bubbles on top.


Finally, let’s not forget the Salt Water Taffy and the Mint Chocolate Chip Malted Milk Balls!  Both are also excellent jar-fillers!


Here is a photo of the finished product!

Photos by Kerry Selley
Photos by Kerry Selley
Photos by Kerry Selley
Photos by Kerry Selley


Photos by Kerry Selley

Tip #4 Candy Buffets are a great mixture of color & convenience!
Most of our customers and event planners opt for the candy buffets because of convenience. These are great favors that your taste buds will definitly remember.  And you can choose to eat some now and/or take a party favor bag filled with candy home with you. In addition, most of the candy doesn’t go bad right away. It’s a great wow-factor for the guests and you can offer them so much to choose from.

IMGP9519If you found this to be helpful or informative please share with your friends! Let us know what you thought of this buffet and if you have any tips please comment below! Thanks !

Decorate Your Way to a Patriotic Day

4th of July is on the horizon, so let the preparations begin! In my previous post, I talked about some delicious and decorative treats that you can snack on throughout the day. But now we’ll get to the decor! Hosting a party on the 4th ? Here are a few easy patriotic decorations to get you in the star-spangled spirit!

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Introduction to Candy Buffets

Come one, come all to the best candy store in town!  I’ll be your sweeter-than-sweet-tarts hostess, Denise.  This is a series, my friends, a series about candy buffets.  A hush comes over the crowd.  Eyes focused, ears perked, everyone is holding their breath.

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Cocktails and Desserts for the Stars and Stripes

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