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Fruit Stripe Gum - Bubble Gum (1 box)

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$17.99 for 1 box
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Classic Fruit Stripe Gum in a sweet Bubble Gum assortment!

Each pink pack of Bubble Gum Fruit Stripe contains 17 pieces of gum, with 5 delicious flavors: Cherry, Grape, Mixed Fruit, Lemon, and Cotton Candy.

Still has the cool Fruit Stripe gum zebra on the wrapper.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 797B1
Packaging Size 1 box
Candy Type Gum, Nostalgic Candy
Size Medium
Brand Ferrara Candy


Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup and dextrose as bulk agents and natural sweeteners, natural and artificial flavorings, glycerol and lecithin as softening agents, aspartame (NutraSweet) and acesulfame as artificial sweeteners, Yellow Lake 5 as a coloring and BHT as a preservative.