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Apple Candy

Who doesn't love apples? Take a gander at all of our apple candy, regular and sour apple too!

Bacon Candy

Do you have a weird obsession for Bacon? We've got some delicious Bacon candy in stock, ready for breakfast or for any time at all!

Banana Candy

Banana candy gives you that great taste of banana without dealing with that icky banana peel!

Blueberry Candy

Take a peek at all of our Blue Raspberry candy, one of the newest candy flavors!

Cherry Candy

We carry an absolutely huge selection of cherry candy!

Try our cherry Yogurt pretzels, cherry big slice pops, Cherry Gummi candies, Cherry jelly beans and much more!

Chocolate Candy

You'll find an outstanding selection of chocolate candy, and a lot of it is either Kosher Dairy or Kosher Pareve. We have sugar-free chocolate too - so go ahead and indulge!

Cinnamon Candy

Cinnamon is the flavor that warms your heart -- and belly! The taste will bring back fond memories of snowy nights and cuddling in front of a fire. Most of our cinnamon candy features great shades of reds too!

Cocktail Flavored Candy

All the taste of your favorite cocktails in these great tasting candies!

Choose from Rum & Coke taffy, Margarita cordials, or Tequila gummi shot glasses, just to name a few!

Coffee Candy

Coffee candy is all the rage and we have plenty of it on-hand just for you!

Cotton Candy Candy

Get that great cotton candy flavor without going to the fair! Try our cotton candy gumballs, cotton candy jelly bellies, and our cotton candy rock candy!

Grape Candy

We carry a fantastic selection of grape candy!

Try our candy coated grape creme gems, grape saltwater taffy, grape gummi bears, grape jelly beans and much more!

Lemon Candy

We have a wide selection of lemon flavored candy to choose from. Kosher sour lemon drops, lemon imperials, and lemon gourmet fruit slices, just to name a few.

Licorice Candy

Licorice dates back to the early times of man, and is still of the most popular flavors around. Try some licorice candy today and find out why!

Lime Candy

Lime flavored candy is really exquisite! Try the key lime chocolate cordials, key lime iced tea sipper straws, and our chili lime saltwater taffy!

Mint Candy

Mint candy is tried and true, all we have a big selection just for you!

Orange Candy

Orange you glad we have orange flavored candy?

Other Fruit Flavors

Take a look at all of our peach, mango, and apricot candy selections here!

Peach Candy

Sweet taste sensations fill the mouth when you but into a juicy peach. You can get an experience almost as good with our peach candies. Beautiful color and flavors make these candies taste as good as they look.

Peanut Butter Candy

Are you a peanut butter fan? No need to look any further!

Raspberry Candy

If you like raspberries, you'll love our raspberry candies!

Soda Flavored Candy

Get the great taste of Soda in your candy!

Strawberry Candy

Strawberry-Flavored candy is a very popular flavor, make sure you add it to your next candy buffet!

Vanilla Candy

Vanilla is so pure and sweet, so it's easy to fall in love with any type of vanilla candy!

Watermelon Candy

Who doesn't love watermelon, and more importantly, watermelon flavored candy?

We have a wide selection of watermelon candies.