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Candy by Color

Assorted Color Candy

Having a candy themed party or buffet? Try assorted candies in a rainbow of colors. Looking for candy that comes in a pretty assortment of bright colors? Well you have come to the right place! Here you'll find lots of different types of candies in a variety of gorgeous colors!

Color Mixes

We spend a lot of time listening to our customers and finding out what they want. From that information, we create candy color mixes that are perfect for special occasions and holidays. Our color mixes are designed to make you look good at your next event.

Blue Candy

All blue candy in different shades to enhance your candy buffet table and other candy displays! The traditional meaning of blue is trust and peace. It is also associated with loving, high regard, knowledge, social status, good health, happiness, and integrity.

Black Candy

Adding some Black to your Wedding, Sweet 16, Bar Mitzvah? Make it a classy special event. Black candy lends an air of sophistication, and black and white candy together translates into a very eye-catching, elegant vision!

Brown Candy

Brown doesn't just mean chocolate anymore, we have lollipops, taffy, gumballs and alot more...

Gold Candy

Gorgeous, sparkling gold candies... Need we say more?

Green Candy

Beautiful shades of green for any occasion. If you are looking for green candy look no further..

Multi Color Candy

Check out all of our neat looking Multi-colored candies right here!

Great for creating a dynamic decor.

Orange Candy

Orange you glad they make orange candy? Take a look at our wide variety of tasty orange options!

Pink Candy

Stop and think if you need pink! Pink candy is great for a girl's baby shower, or for creating a feminine ambiance.

Purple Candy

We have the perfect purple candy, vivacious violet candy, luscious lavender candy, and lovely lilac candy too!

Red Candy

Beautiful bright red candy will make your candy buffet stand out at your special event!

Silver Candy

Add some shimmering silver candy to your event to really make it shine!

Yellow Candy

Does your event need some sunshine? Yellow candy is just the thing!

White Candy

Add a touch of class to your next Candy Buffet with a crisp White-Colored candy!