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Astro Pops (2 count)

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Astro Pops were first created in 1963 after two "Rocket Scientists" working on the space program in El Segundo, Ca decided to quit their jobs and create the Astro Pop, modeling the pop after a three-stage rocket. Because they were actual rocket scientists, they built special equipment to make them.

Astro Pops are unique because the cone wrapper becomes the mold for the candy. Hot candy is poured directly into the wrapper, then a paper stick is added and the pop is coated with a thin layer of wax. Since Astro Pops were first made at a time when space exploration was really "taking off", millions of Astro Pops were sold all over America!

They have been manufactured off and on ever since, most recently making a big comeback in 2010!

The flavor layers are Pineapple (top yellow), Passion Fruit (middle green) and Cherry (base red).

So if you really want be "in" and trendy, you'll have these fun retro lollipops at your next event! These are the longest lasting lollipops in history and they're sold right here at Bulk Candy Store. Enjoy!


Additional Information

Additional Information

Packaging Size 2 count
Candy Type Bulk Lollipops
Candy Flavor Other Fruit Flavors
Size Medium
Brand Leaf Brands
Kosher Symbol Star-K
Kosher Type Kosher - Pareve


Ingredients:sugar, corn syrup, water, artificial flavors, color added, includes red 40, yellow 5, blue 1), glycerin